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Witch bar

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Witch bar

The Witch Bar is a cocktail bar located in Paris No. 13, or located in the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral and the Patriarchate, in the most beautiful part of Belgrade, the Old Town.

The Witch Bar has a view of the medieval fortress Kalemegdan, so it is very pleasant and relaxing for a day's enjoyment, relaxation and a cup of perfect coffee, along with a book or gossip party with friends.

However, what is special at Witch Bar is a night outdoing and extraordinary cocktails, which at first glance take away breath, and at first sip you are already knocked down. Cocktails, which with their interesting names attract the attention of the same moment, you will enjoy with pleasure and enthusiasm. Whether it's standard for a good day, or more than 1L and 3L for good evening, it will positively affect your mood.

You can try Batman Cocktail, as well as Superman and Hulk, which are exceptional strong cocktails, while there are also Bermuda Witch, Love Storm and other cocktails that will surely gloss over your imagination, not only with their names, but also with incredible uniqueness of taste. Cocktails at the Witch Bar are saved by top bartenders who do their job with a lot of love, and they have years of experience behind them. They will undoubtedly recognize which cocktail is right for your type of personality and delight you. Of course, Witch Bar offers a rich supply of other alcoholic beverages, while prices are fair and affordable. Witch Bar is a place where everyone's frog becomes a prince, and if it's not good, maybe the princess! Here every girl becomes a demon with the help of only one sip of the Magic Beverage. Believe it or not! The Witch Bar serves princes without white horses and princesses without beans, very easy to maintain - one beer and you already have the love of your life. If you thought that such things happen only in fairy tales, you are making a big mistake! This place is not in fairy tale, but it's from a fairy tale.

All-day music program and relaxed atmosphere, along with all of the above, make Witch Bar the right choice for your first-class exit.


Reservations: +381 69 45 45 045


Paris street 13, Belgrade





Concierge Belgrade | Witch bar

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