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Sales art gallery Belgrade

Sales Gallery Belgrade was founded in 1963 and is located on Kosančić's wreath in the old part of the city. Nearby there is a faculty of applied arts, a patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a conch of the duchess of Ljubica. She was stitched to the goal of exhibiting and through the sale she popularized works of fine arts and applied arts.

It is situated in a building that represents a protected cultural monument with a long history. Its purpose changed until the time it became the site of artists and art lovers.

 In her exhibit space, many works have been shown starting from the oldest (Šumanović, Lubarda, Glišića, Stevanović, Golubović, Milovanović, Dobrović, Milunović, Milosavljević, Čelebonović, Tabaković, Predić) through medium to younger generation (U. Đurić, B.Iljovski , G. Nikolić, S. Markuš), who are present on our art scene. A large number of their works (tens of thousands) found places in museums, galleries and private collections. Without the work of the gallery in this plan it is difficult to reliably interpret our recent history of art. Today, the gallery is an important place in which the exhibit space is changing the exhibitions of our famous artists.

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