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Museum of Paja Jovanovic

Painter Paja Jovanović (Vršac, 1859 - Vienna, 1957) was born in the family of photographer Stevan and Ernestina Jovanović. In 1875 he came to Vienna with his father, where in 1877 he enrolled at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts. After finishing his studies, he traveled a lot and worked for the Paris and London galleries, and since 1895 he lived in Vienna. He was elected to the SASA in 1888.

In his extremely long artistic career, he has performed remarkable works: historical compositions (Seoba Serbs, Proclamation of Dushan's Law), genre of scene (Bridging the Bride, Fighting Petals, Fencing) and a large number of portraits of celebrities (Mihailo Pupin, King Alexander and Queen Maria Karađorđević) . He also looked at church paintings by performing iconostases in churches in Dolovo and Novi Sad.

The most famous cliche of Serbian academic realism for life has envied the Museum of the City of Belgrade numerous works, from the beginning of the chickens to the representative portraits and icotoric compositions. The permanent exhibition includes part of the legend of Paje Jovanović: 45 paintings, clickable accessories, personal documents, diplomas and medals, notes and darts; the Museum also exhibits a neo-linear portal and a calon in the style of Louis XV, from an artist's studio in Vienna.

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