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Paintball Belgrade

Paintball is a tactical sport game from the extreme genre, which represents the imitation of short-fire contacts, in a limited space. For this type of imitation, a special pneumatic "marker" is used to shoot the balls full of color.

Paintball is a very simple game in its basic form. A group of people alternately "hunt" and avoid each other, until one person or team triumphs over the other. The winner is the one who first attains the goal or the one who remains the last in the game. The game uses sophisticated technology that is constantly evolving with the introduction of new accessories and marker pistols.

Certain goals vary depending on the imagination of the game designer, but the basis of the game remains the same. Whatever version of the game you find most attractive to you, its basis is steady.


Basic package
100 balls, 1h games and equipment
15 € (per player)
Medium package
200 balls, 1h games and equipment
25 € (per player)
Profi package
300 balls, 2h games and equipment
40 € (per player)


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Concierge Belgrade | Paintball