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The charms of this game, already at the very beginning, have been discovered by many. Bowling equally plays children with parents as well as serious people in later years. This is a game of a safe hand and a sharp eye. It does not matter if you have 15 or 65 years. There is a competitive spirit and a challenge because in this game, the year has no relevance. The heart of the lion and a good wheel guarantee victory.

Our desire is to popularize this game among people in Serbia and to awaken interest in this sport, which is what is behind it and in the world. We are sure of that success. That's why we invite you to help us. If you have the desire to measure your strengths with some of your friends in the precision and skill of breaking up the cones, contact us, reserve the term and spend unforgettable moments of fun in a pleasant ambience.


from 12 to 15h -20€/h (6 people max)

 From 15 to 19h - 25€/h (6 people max)     

  from 19 to 23h- 30€/h (6 people max)  


Reservations: +381 65 202 77 77


Mon - Fri3pm - 12am

Sat - Sun12pm - 12am


Zemun, Belgrade