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Apartment on the river Delta Top 6

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Apartment on the river Delta Top 6
from 89€

We are located on the left bank of the Sava River, located in the immediate vicinity of the most famous prestigious clubs, between the old railway bridge and the Gazela bridge.

The object-floating hotel has 5 apartments (equipped with franc bed, mini bar, lcd, air conditioning, jacuzzi ...), large lounge bar, spacious terrace with outdoor pool.

During our stay, our guests have at their disposal friendly staff of our facility, which offers room service.

What definitely stands out from us and the reason why you should visit us is certainly an unforgettable experience of staying on the river, relaxation and relaxation offered by luxury accommodation and natural surroundings ...

Feel the heart of waking up on the river with a view of the whole city and its bridges.

Cena: 89€


Reservations: +381 69 45 45 045


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One bedroom apartment